Monday, December 12, 2011

Appliance Repair Tampa AEG Oven Repair

I'm looking for appliance repair in Tampa, Florida who can help me with a problem that I'm having with an AEG oven that isn't working. I have replaced the the element ( it is a 3210BU) but it still won't get hot. Any ideas that could help me to determine what the problem could be with my range and if you are able to provide appliance repair service at my Tampa home? What is your service fee? Also, the grill is still working, and the fan comes on  but not the light in the oven.
Thanks so much...
RG, Tampa
Hi RG...
It is possible that the oven thermostat in your AEG oven is faulty or your oven is set on fan only setting. Check to see if the heat and fan setting is on. We do not charge a trip fee if we provide appliance repair service on your appliances. Also we offer a 20% Senior Discount on all appliance repairs, if it applies. Thank you for posting your questions to Mr. Roger's Appliance Repair, and call us directly for service if you decide your thermostat is the problem.